My Story. . .


My childhood was good. My parents had their own business and we ate well. I was enshrined in a post 50’s Conservative family structure, like “Leave it to Beaver.” That shattered when I broke into a house when I was 14.

A black virus of shattered trust, insecurity, and grief grew within our family. That virus was given steroids when I hit puberty. I was very straight when it came to alcohol and drugs, but somehow my bad influences got me to overcome my nervousness at a dance with a six-pack. From there, it was my solution to everything.

After I watched my high school class graduate from the bleachers, I drove away with a glovebox full of beer. I soon wrecked the truck, which was graciously handed down two generations. My high school graduation present would have been full tuition to the Musician’s Institute of Technology in Hollywood, but instead I applied as a prep cook in my hometown.

Many years and blackouts later, my ego thinks I’m a big fish living in a small fish bowl, when actually I was the scum on the rocks. I was thirty two and training to be a short-order cook. The heat from the kitchen and withdrawals from Tequila gave me a heart-attack. Instead of having a life changing experience, I drank twice as much and stopped eating.

Four years later, I woke up and had enough. I picked up Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, and I began to change my thought processes. I discovered that I could make money online with my music, then with ebooks, then Affiliate Marketing. I was hooked, even though I made only 20 here and 20 there. I realized there was a way out.

I started doing Network Marketing and realized that the income was residual and leveraged by others making me and them make money. It isn’t only about the money. I am meeting and helping people all over the world and my life has never been this fulfilling. . .

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It’s Your Future


I hope you’re having a great day already and I just wanted to make it even better.

Wanted to share with you something great. Maybe you’re tired of trying to earn money online. I know how frustrating that can be. I’ve been there, crying over my monitor, with no results.

I’m here to show you a solid business opportunity, where there’s no cold calling or sales pitching involved. Most of it can be automated online. This company is taking the health world by storm and is growing rapidly.

True leaders know when to jump onboard and that’s in the beginning, when a company is gaining momentum. This is your ground floor opportunity, NOW. I will personally help you work on building your team. You will see the results and be greatly satisfied.

Of course this takes a lot of work and commitment. Like any business, your early efforts will payoff big later. What’s the alternative? A day job with no real income, being stuck in traffic, having a BOSS?

Now, imagine waking up with no alarm clock and the only thing on the schedule is YOU.

Instead of  earning an income solely on your effort, you have many people on your team earning you a residual income.

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The Buzzards Were Waiting To Eat My Butt


Have you had a bad sales experience?

I had just finished a two week insurance school. As I walked out of the testing center, blurry-eyed, it was a little after 8 AM, I was hung-over from filling my brain with insurance facts all night and barely passed with a 70 percent score. I got the license and felt a little better about my future.

But, then the work began. I applied on Craigslist for a mysterious life insurance company. I was hired and went there the next day. They had me do video testing of my sales pitch and memorizing a seven page script that seemed like a small paperback. It slowly occurred to me I didn’t know anything about sales. The sales managers watched me like buzzards waiting for my body to stop shaking from nervousness, so they could start chewing on my butt!

Every day, I went into that sales office, the fluorescent lights lit up the protruding veins on my forehead. I was a mess, my pants were sagged and the brochure that gave simple directions on how to tie a tie must have been in Arabic.

My co-workers tried to smile at me, as they watched the sweat roll down my face out of the corner of their eye. We got into pairs to video test our scripts. I was paired with the cutest girl in the building. It was my turn to pitch as she filmed. Just like the worse nightmare of a childhood crush finding out you eat ants at recess, I started to bomb my pitch as she filmed. The buzzards watched from afar, as my smile on camera cracked and my true insecurity emerged. I felt naked. She pushed stop and tried to console me. My first day at sales wasn’t even over. When I went to my car at lunch, pretending to just go get fast food, I drove away for good…

Ten dead-end jobs later and broke, I discovered big companies, like DIRECTV and Netflix using the “refer a friend” business model to advertise through the consumer. They saved millions on useless advertising and passed part of the profit to the consumer. Later, I discovered that was called, Network Marketing. All the big companies are using some form of Network Marketing.

Do you want to work for yourself and make the salary or commission of one, or do you want to build a team under you, completely online ( no more traffic jams, coffee in slippers) who earn a residual, leveraged income for you?

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Auto Downline Syndrome


Sounds scary right? Sounds like something that can spread to other people and maybe infect larger groups and regions. It could change people’s lives forever. . .

What if it wasn’t bad? What if it was viral, like a Youtube video or breaking news? What if other people spread the news for you? Now, you’re thinking, “Oh, okay, he’s being sneaky about selling us some new video marketing program,” but I’m not. Selling to you would be my viral suicide.

I woke up about three months ago with a funny feeling that I wasn’t alone anymore. It seemed the weight of the world was lifted. I could actually see light in my vision, instead of the negative feedback my mind usually produced. Yes, I mixed the “senses” on purpose. It felt like my naïve, localized shell cracked and I could see the world.

I pictured visiting different people and cultures all over the globe. I envisioned my spiritual, mental & financial wealth breaking past the pre-set reality I had suppressed myself with over the years, and truly recognized a dream turning real.

You’re probably now wondering if I’m delusional from the “virus” I mentioned earlier. Yes, in fact, it’s not a virus, but it’s going through total fear of the unknown, pushing through mass resistance, and seeing your dream unfold on the other side. It’s what network marketing does to you when people on your team spread the opportunity, and you start earning enough residual income to not worry anymore, quit your day job and start checking off your Bucket list.

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Multi-Tasking on the Toilet

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We’re constantly moving. We’re multi-tasking everywhere, even on the toilet. We want to live every minute to the fullest, but we’re too busy to see it. Life is a paradox of positive and negative events. The ones you think are positive are negative, and vice versa.

We want to make more money, but we are too busy at our dead-end jobs; we want a chiseled body, but we’re too busy watching Dr. Oz talk about it on TV. We believe we are open-minded, but the minute something occurs that is unpredicted, we slam the door. So, when I ask, “Do you want to stay home and make more money than at your day job, you’re curious, but the door is in your hand ready to slam shut.

Well, we want you home and happy. It won’t be easy at first. You’ll hear “no” more than “yes.” But, that’s why there is great money. Wouldn’t it be nice to say you work with the fastest growing health company in the world? Selling the first-ever complete nutritional supplement for the brain; something that is helping people focus better during the day and sleep better at night; something that is helping kids with ADD focus better in school, and slowing Alzheimer’s down in Seniors?

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My Anxiety. . .


I confess, I was hard on my body in my 20’s and 30’s. Who wasn’t? It’s no excuse, but a mixture of influentially bad friends and an action-less small town led me to drink and smoke the doldrums away. It was all fun and games until I had a heart-attack at 32. Dehydrated and withdrawing from Tequila one morning at a new job, my heart felt tight. After being air-lifted to the nearest hospital a hundred miles away, the doctors were mystified by my attack. Of course, I played down all my partying. After the hospital, I drank even more, in the name of ignorant immortal defiance. Heck, I was 32, no one has a heart-attack at 32.

I eventually hit bottom four years later, hardly able to hold down food, or walk to the shower, because my legs were so weak from sitting and drinking 24/7. I was disgusted and scared enough to finally quit.

Getting sober was the easy part. I just hid at home and avoided people who partied. What happened that was almost as worse than the heart-attack was my escape from humanity, the twisted excitement I had of reclusion. The longer I stayed alone, the harder it was to interact with people. I was on unemployment also, so my only contact with people was going to the gym. I guess the “real bottom” hit me when I had been sober for three years and went to my parents for dinner.

I was speaking with my dad at the dinner table, like I always did, when suddenly I felt total stage fright. My voice began to tremble, as beads of sweat formed instantly on my forehead. I stopped speaking. He looked concerned, “Are you okay?” He asked.

“I have to lie down.” I said. I was seized in a panic attack for the next hour.

I couldn’t believe it, I was now scared of my own parents! I had lost all of my confidence being in solitude. Solitude became my new drug and it tore me away from people. I needed to restructure myself. I began meditation and cut out coffee. I made deliberate attempts to converse with people in public. I also found out gluten in my diet was bad. Things are getting better now, but I still have a long ways to go.

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